Saturday, May 12, 2012

New Book: Crosley and Crosley Motors

Crosley and Crosley Motors

An Illustrated History of America's First Compact Car and the Company that Built It

ISBN: 978-1583882931
The subtitle may generate some discussion here and there.  Certainly there was the American Austin, and its successor the American Bantam.  And the Willys Americar coupe.  But what constitutes a compact?  There's one "official" definition by wheelbase, but there are many opinions and cars to fit them, ranging from 60-inch wheelbase autos to 110-inchers.  I'll have some things to say about all this another time.  In the meantime, here's this new book...

Published by Iconografix, it has 126 pages, just about 200 photos and 40,000 words.  Well over half the photos and images are color, giving this volume perhaps the record for color in a book of this type.  I'll share some images from it here and elsewhere later on.  I enjoyed writing it, and included a number of photos that had never been published, as well as info that will be new to many (like Powel Crosley, Jr.'s, scams in the auto accessories business).  I hope readers enjoy it as much.