Thursday, November 1, 2007

Sharing Crosley

I really enjoy book signings and speaking to groups about Crosley. I've met hundreds of good people, and many have shared information and anecdotes. There have been people who knew Lewis or Powel, and former employees of one Crosley enterprise or another. At a talk at Miami University this week I met an octagenerian woman whose mother dated Powel Crosley, Jr. before he became wealthy. (On the whole, she said she was happy that her mother married her father, and not Powel.)

I will be sharing more of the stories here in this blog as time goes by. I also want to share some of the momentos and artifacts people have given me. These include a 1939 World Series program, photos of radios, appliances, and other Crosley appliances, and even a team photo of the WSAI Softball Team from when Crosley owned WSAI in the 1930s. The Shelvador shown in the photo here was given to me by a gentleman who attended a Crosley talk, and has been running for just about 60 years. Appropriately, it has a "Hudy Dellight" sticker on the door. ("Hudy" is short for "Hudepohl," a top-selling Cincinnati beer during Crosley's heyday.)

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