Monday, May 5, 2008

The Early Television Museum

Kudos to the Early Television Museum! This past weekend the Museum held its annual convention, and I was priviledged to be one of the speakers.

The museum itself is well worth a visit (as is its Web site)! It's just outside Columbus, Ohio and--yep--they had Crosley televisions, along with examples of just about every other brand. Kits, too; I was especially interested to see the 3-inch phospher-tube kit set that NRI provided back in the 1940s.

Hundreds of televisions, cameras and accessories are on display. There's also the Dave Johnson Cathode Ray Tube collection, and for the con a mobile unit (truck) from the early 1950s was on display.


Anonymous said...

[this question was earlier posted under your blog dated 4March]

?? Did P.C. fly with Tony Fokker during the 1925 Ford Reliability Tour [late Sep’1925 through 4Oct1925]??

Un-identified photo shows several crew members, one appears to be Powel Crosley.

See _Globe-Democrat_ Glass Plate Negative, image #GDGPS0058:;entryid=x-gdgps0058;viewid=GDGPS0058;cc=mercic;c=mercic;quality=1

This photo appears as the mirror-image of the actual scene from October 1st or 2nd, 1925. Photo location is St. Louis (Lambert) Flying Field. Powel Crosley appeared in other aviation photographs of the late 1920’s, and the tallest guy in the above cited photo has some of the same features.

?? -- Is the tallest guy, standing next to Tony Fokker (in suit and head gear), Powel Crosley ???

THANKS for any insight about these questions re' Oct2nd, 1925.

Michael A. Banks said...

It is possible that Powel Crosley, Jr. may have ridden one leg of the Edsel Ford tour in 1925. That was his sort of crowd, and he had been appointed the Ohio state board of aviation.

He sponsored aircraft in this competition and in the National Air Tour.

The tall gentleman does share some features with Powel Crosley, but it's difficult to say. I'll delve into this a bit more.
Sorry for the lengthy reply time.