Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Pre-History of the Web!

AppleLink NIFTY-Serve PC-Link Lockheed DIALOG BIX MCI Mail CompuServe AT&T Mail GEnie DELPHI eWorld Promenade DIALOG VIEWTRON Covidea Prestel Minitel Gateway

Do these names bring back memories? If so, you'll really like my newest book, On the Way to the Web. Ditto, if you're a fan of technology history. As with Crosley, this is a book I'd been waiting for; it never came out, so I wrote it.

On the Way to the Wev: The Secret History of the Internet and Its Founders is a history of the Internet before the Web, and includes ARPAnet, CompuServe, DIALOG, GEnie, BIX, DELPHI, PLink, PC-Link, Promenade, AppleLink, eWorld, and all the rest--including online services before ARPAnet. I also cover Videotex and teletext in Europe and the U.S. Prestel, Mintel, et al.

"This is a thorough, entertaining, informative, useful history of how our world was transformed during my adult life." --Orson Scott Card

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