Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The Crosley Amerinola Phonograph (Pre-Radio)

As discussed in this post, the Crosley Manufacturing Company was building phonographs before Powel decided to get into making radio parts and radio receivers. Herewith, two ads for Crosley's phonographs. On the left is an Indiana retailer's ad for the "Amerinola" phonograph. As noted earlier, the name was changed to "Marion" shortly after it was introduced in 1920. The ad on the right, circa 1921, is for the Marion, offered at a dollar down and a dollar a week! Click for a larger image.

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Jacky said...

I have the Marion phonograph which is in v. good condition. The inside label states, "Amerinola phonograph, designed manufactured and guarentee by Amerinole A Co. Division of The Americus Automobile Assessories Co, Cinncinati, O." Can someone refer me to someone who can tell me the value? It is complete and I had it running. There are also several records from the 1920's Many thanks, J