Wednesday, June 30, 2010

1963: Ruth Lyons, the 50-50 Club on WLW Radio

WLW Radio and Ruth Lyons fans will find this series of uploads to YouTube of interest: The full episode of "The 50-50 Club" for November 22, 1963. (A sadly historical day.)

This was during the period when WLWT and WLW radio were simulcasting "The 50-50 Club."


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dick tieken said...

I was a good friend of the son of lewis Crosely in South Miami, Fl.
His name was also Powell Crosely. We went to the same school in Miami during WWII and afterwards in Coral Gables, FL. He was part of the group I hung around with. There is a picture of him in the 6 page photo shots on the Internet but they have his name as Lewis and this is not true because there wasn't much age difference between Lewis and his brother Powell. The picture is that of the son of Lewis who also named Powell. There was a better picture of him a few years ago. He looked much like his father Lewis Crosley. Powell was killed in the Korean War while serving in the Marine Corps. He was killed by friendly fire.
Dick Tieken,