Monday, March 10, 2008

For Whom Would Powel Crosley, Jr. Vote?

Even though Powel Crosley, Jr. was friends with James Middleton Cox (Democratic Presidential candidate in 1920, Governor of Ohio, etc.) and other prominent Democrats, I believe he would vote for John McCain today.

Crosley was a lifelong Republican supporter who donated thousands and thousands of dollars to Republican candidates. His father was a founder of the Republican Club. I believe he always voted the party line. And I think all this is why FDR allowed the FRC to force WLW to throttle down to 50,000 watts in 1939. (That alone would have been enough to dissuade him from supporting any Democrat.)

However, if he voted Democratic, he would vote for Obama before Clinton. Because he was a product of his times, and because of certain comments and attitudes on record, he would be incapable of believing a woman could handle the job of President of the United States.


Anonymous said...

My husband, Powel Crosley, is Powel Crosley, Jr's great-grandson...and he would definately vote for Mccain!!!

Michael A. Banks said...

Super! Thanks for checking in, Mrs. Crosley.