Friday, March 28, 2008

Ruth Lyons and Opening Day

When I was very young, and on through my early teen years, Ruth Lyons was always a part of Cincinnati Reds Opening Day. She was a lifelong fan; in researching my upcoming bio of Ruth Lyons (Orange Frazer Press, May, 2009) I learned that she used to talk about the Reds on her WKRC radio program as far back as 1929, back when women weren't supposed to be interested in baseball.

Ruth always turned out for Opening Day. And some will remember her singing "Rally 'Round the Reds" on the 50/50 Club.

Dayton Daily News columnist Chick Ludwig has collected memories of Ruth Lyons and Opening Day at his blog Chick at Large. Click here to see Chick's tribute to Ruth Lyons.


Anonymous said...

I remember Ruth Lyons well. My mom loved the 50-50 Club. I was hoping this web site would have had more than just the one little blog about her. She was a role model, not just as a talk show host--one who did not need to sensationalize her programming with sex, drugs, scandals, etc. for ratings--but to all young women within WLW's broadcasting range. They don't make television like that anymore.

Michael A. Banks said...

I don't think there can ever be another show like The 50-50 Club. Nor another Ruth Lyons. Even though my book's title carries Oprah's name, Oprah was not quite the same as Ruth Lyons. The times are different, and the unique confluence of circumstance and personalities in the new media of television won't be repeated.