Friday, March 7, 2008

Richard Crossley's Crosley-Mignet Flying Flea!

What is it? The beginnings of a scratch-built scale model of the Mignet-Crosley Flying Flea, being built by Richard Crossley in the UK.

Richard builds small-scale free-flight models for indoor flying (a wonderful hobby--you don't have to chase them far!) I've shared some photos of the original Flying Flea with him, and I think I may try building it in a few months. (A switch from model rockets.)

Click on the photo to see a larger version of the fuselage. There will be more photos of the Crossley-Crosley Flying Flea here as the work progresses.

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Anonymous said...

?? Did P.C. fly with Tony Fokker during the 1925 Ford Reliability Tour??

Un-identified photo shows several crew members, one appears to be Powel Crosley.

See _Globe-Democrat_ Glass Plate Negative, image #GDGPS0058:;entryid=x-gdgps0058;viewid=GDGPS0058;cc=mercic;c=mercic;quality=1

This photo appears as the mirror-image of the actual scene from October 1925.

?? -- Is the tallest guy, standing next to Tony Fokker (head gear), Powel Crossley ???