Monday, September 17, 2007

The Crosley Automobile at the 1939 World's Fair

Powel Crosley and the Crosley Corporation probably reached their zenith in 1939, at the New York World's Fair. The stunning Crosley Pavilion (concept by Detroit designer Carl Sundberg) showcased the full line of Crosley home appliances--washers, stoves, ironers, clocks, and dozens more--not to mention the Shelvador. The pavilion also displayed the Crosley Xervac (Men: Regain your lost hair!), the READO (newspapers printed in your parlor by your radio!), DuMont Televisions, daily broadcasts from the Fair over WLW, and the Crosley automobile. A Crosley parade through New York led off the introduction of the Crosley Automobile at the Fair.

The Glamortone Gals gave visitors rides in new Crosleys on a closed track behind the Crosley building. Male stewards assisted passengers, too. New York Mayor LaGuardia was particularly taken with the little Crosley, demanding extra rides over the course and shouting "Mow 'em down!" as he rode past the crowds. The postcard shown above sort of says it all (click for full-size image).

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