Thursday, September 13, 2007

Crosley's "Colossus of Radio" Revisited

As noted in an earlier post, one of the two known examples of the Crosley WLW Model Super-Power Radio Receiver sold earlier this year for $55,000 at an auction conducted by Estes Auctions. Here's another photo of the "Colossus of Radio" with two petite models.

This was at the time (1936) the largest radio receiver in the world. Crosley had it built in response to the Zenith Stratosphere, introduced as the world's largest radio in the previous year. The engineer who designed and built the set, Amyle P. Richards, earned his Masters degree in engineering with the project. As an additional rationale for building the set, Powel Crosley stated, “It is fitting that the owner of the world’s most powerful radio station make the world’s greatest radio receiver.”

Click the picture for a larger image, and click here for an article about the WLW model that I wrote for Radio Magazine.

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