Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Speaker Available: Official Crosley Historian, Author and Expert on Crosley Radios, Cars, WLW, and More

(I was going to head this "Crosley Speaker Available," but that might lead some to think I have a Musicone for sale.)
You are probably familiar with the story of industrialist and broadcast pioneer Powel Crosley, Jr. And you may have read the New York Times bestseller CROSLEY: Two Brothers and a Business Empire that Transformed the Nation, of which I am the primary author and researcher.

You may not know that there is quite a lot of information about Powel Crosley, Jr. and his activities that did not make it into the book, for one reason or another.

As the leading Crosley historian and an expert on early broadcast history and other topics, I will be pleased to share my years of research with your organization as a speaker at your convention, trade show, or other meeting. In addition to what didn't make it into the book, I've continued my research and have uncovered lots of new information since the book was published. I am available to speak on these and related subjects:

  • Powel Crosley, Jr.'s life and times
  • Crosley inventions
  • Crosley radios, WLW, and the early broadcast industry
  • Crosley automobiles
  • Crosley airplanes (yes, Crosley built aircraft and aircraft engines!)
  • Crosley's many contributions to winning World War II (including the Proximity Fuze)
  • Powel Crosley, Jr. and the Cincinnati Reds
  • The evolution of high-power radio broadcasting
  • The Crosley approach to product development and marketing

    As I have the opportunity, I share some of this knowledge via magazine articles (here is an example), but I'll never get to publish it all. It is, however, available to your organization.

    I am a speaker with wide experience in addressing groups of all sizes, as well as television and radio audiences. In addition to doing a presentation for your organization I will be pleased to spend time with individuals. Plus, I have various Crosley artifacts to share during my talks.

    For more information, please contact me at: banksbook at yahoo dot com
  • --Michael A. Banks

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