Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Crosley Reference Bibliography: New Edition!

When I have time, I'll post some more information about some of the specialized techniques I used to research the Crosley book. I've already written about some of them for The Writer and Online, and I've generated a huge bibliography of my sources. If you are a Crosley fan, you may want to get a copy of this list, which I call The Crosley Reference.

The Crosley Reference lists the books, magazines, and newspapers I turned up during my research. Each contains an article, chapter, photo, or other info having to do with Powel Crosley, Jr. The listings are weighted toward Crosley automobiles, but include many articles about Crosley's life as well as some special-interest pieces. Sources include all sorts of books, and everything from car magazines to The Saturday Evening Post, Time, Business Week, Radio Broadcaster, and more. The Bibliography also lists stories from scores of newspapers around the world. Covering 1911 through 2007, The Crosley Reference contains:
  • 378 books with Crosley information
  • 679 Crosley newspaper stories
  • 493 magazine articles that reference or feature Crosley
That's a total of 1,550 Crosley references. This can help you find those great old articles with photos of Crosley cars and other items you won't see elsewhere. And when you see some article clipped out of a magazine for sale on eBay for too much money, this will identify it and let you find a copy of the whole magazine, for less! This list will help you find original articles and photos available through Web archives, too.

Along with the listings, you get a brief, specially written biography of Powel Crosley's automobiles. It contains info not found elsewhere.
To get a copy of The Crosley Reference (30+ pages, 4th Edition), send $12.50 to:
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