Friday, September 21, 2007

My First Crosley

There are a lot of interesting stories about "my first Crosley," especially among members of the Crosley Automobile Club. People who aren't into cars so much have early memories of a Crosley radio owned by their family.

The cute mini car of the era when I learned to drive was the Nash Metropolitan (I had one for a few months in 1967), and I was born after television stole the limelight from radio, but I still have early memories of Crosley cars and radios.

When I was four years old in 1955, a neighbor named Jack Griswold had a 1951 Crosley wagon. It was, as I would learn 52 years later, one of 14 he owned over the years. I used to go stand in his driveway and spin the propeller on the nose. That's a picture of the car in question--taken in 1955--at the top of this post. (Thanks, Jack!)

My early memories include a Crosley radio, too--a hulking console set that dominated the living room of my grandparents' small Ohio home.

Photo Copyright © 2007, Jack Griswold

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