Saturday, September 15, 2007

Recent Crosley Articles: Radio and Cars

The September issue of Radio Guide offers an excellent article on WLW's 500,000-watt transmitter, titled "Heavy Metal." It's written by Paul Jellison, former Chief Engineer of WLW's transmitter site, where he lived for 13 years. (Jellison is now Regional Vice President for Engineering for Clear Channel Radio).

Antique Radio Classified features a story about the Crosley READO by yours truly. For the article, I managed to get an image of a sample of the READO "newspaper" FAX strip that was transmitted by WLW in July, 1939.

Skinned Knuckles features a three-page article about Italian variants of the Crosley in its September issue.

The April, 2007, issue of Radio Magazine contains a piece I did on the WLW Model Super-Power Radio Receiver, Crosley's 1936 response to Zenith's Stratosphere, which claimed the title of the world's largest receiver. I posted some additional info about this set here earlier.

The Spring, 2007, issue of Traces of Indiana and Midwestern History features my article, "Big Dream, Small Car: Powel Crosley, Jr.'s Indiana Automobile."

Finally (and beginning to stretch the term "recent") there's an article about Crosley applause cards in the March, 2007, issue of Antique Radio Classified.

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